What is a Dragoon?

A Dragoon is an elite light cavalry soldier that made his name by having mastered the dual skills of fighting both from horseback and on foot.  Having roots in European militaries, Dragoon units were famous for the ability to move quickly to and within a battlefield by horse, then dismount and effectively fight on foot, or just as effectively fight from horseback.  Because of their unique abilities, Dragoons set themselves apart from regular cavalry units and were well respected by their adversaries and peers alike.





The Club

The Dragoons Motorcycle Club is a non-profit organization pending status registration with the Internal Revenue Service under the provisions of IRS Code, Section 501(c)(7).

We are a 99% club consisting of current and retired Federal Law Enforcement Personnel.  In addition, there are provisions for membership by current and retired State, County, and Local Law Enforcement Officers, as well as current and honorably discharged Military Personnel.

The Dragoons Motorcycle Club was founded for, and exists for, the purpose of bonding Law Enforcement, allied professions, and their families in the pursuit of the love of motorcycles and the social benefits gained there from. The Dragoons Motorcycle Club is also committed to the service and support of organizations that assist with Law Enforcement, Veteran, and select Charity issues, as well as, supporting the efforts of other allied Motorcycle Clubs.

We were founded in the fall of 2005 and are based out of New York, NY (NYC).  The membership is comprised of men and women riders throughout the southern tier of New York and northeastern New Jersey.

The Dragoons Motorcycle Club is non-territorial, and does not support other clubs in commercial enterprises.



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